Major update!

Hello Guys,
Thanks for all the feedbacks.
Please have another try and give us feedbacks in comments or on our discord server ;)

Massive update!
- Your own laser can kill you!
- Shield godmode bug taken off.
- Changed the size of ship for better gameplay.
- Energy pickups now are working. Start slow and get more and more speed.
- Scoreboard page fixed
- Many small fixes like the player getting out of the frame
- Level 2 and 3 harder with more enemies and harder to kill
- Updated all the Sound SFXs and the Graphic Effects.
- Enemies do not start at the same position anymore
- Big enemies behaviour fixed. And their shield fixed as well.
- credit's names.
- Shield pickup is now fixed, will activate the shield only for 6s.

Things added:
- If you finish the game till the end, you will have the possibility to activate "RetroMode 1970" with cool effects and added soundtrack
- Toggle scaling/Highquality mode if your HTML5 full screen runs slow
- Press F for full screen
- Added soundcloud link in credit page if you like the music, visit it.
- Enemies and Enemies bullets will change colors according to level design for better visibility.
- Added nice animation for Credits and Highscore page background.
- Original New fonts specialy designed for the samll game resolution (320x180)

Upcoming update:
- We are working on the online scoreboards and online Highscores!


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May 17, 2020

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