// Entry for the Adventure Jam 2020.  Made in 9 days.

Sakhalin Station is an adventure mystery game.

NEW: The game is now on Playstore Android for Free Share it :)
Search: "SakhalinStation" in one word with your phone.

// Controls : Arrows to move and jump / Arrow down to Interact

// Discord Server https://discord.gg/sw9uvde

For anyone that liked the game and want to know more about the development of the full game and our tiny community, please join us on our discord server.

The story is about Frank Beaumont, a french/english analyst sent to an offshore russian oil rig to investigate. He is transported there by a russian helicopter and told by the russian scientists to observe and report to them. Upon his arrival, something is off about the oil rig. No sign of life.

The player would have to investigate and find his way into rig labyrinth.
As it seems the russian scientists were digging deep into the ocean crust for a very dangerous substance.

Explore and discover the truth of what really happens on Sakhalin Arctic Station.

// Credits:

Programming/Art .........Matthieu Tondeur  (twitter)
Puzzle/Debugging.........Henrique Catarrunas 
Sound Supervisor.........Gabriel Bancaud
Original Score...........Maxime Lenik
Dialogues................Dylan DiMaggio

// Voice Actors:

Frank Beaumont...............Andy Manjuck  (twitter)
Scientist....................Mikal Grant 
Pilot/advisor/boss...........Edwyn Tiong  (twitter)

Please let use any comments and feedbacks, we wish to know about you experiencing the game! We plan to develop it more =]


Sakhalin Station win32.zip 98 MB
Sakhalin Station win64.zip 102 MB
Sakhalin Station Mac64.app.zip 147 MB

Development log


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Looks very cool. Will have to give a try sooner or later. I'm impressed you guys have it in Google store.

Great game! I felt so great when I finally figured out the key code. That was a great puzzle. The story was very interesting. I know that this was a contest entry, but could you please expand the story later on? It was really good and I felt like it got cut short. Thanks!

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hello ! Thanks for giving it a try and your feedbacks! I'm indeed going to build a full game and expand it! I'm working on the scenario right now. We just started a Discord server to share the development of it and other things. https://discord.gg/sw9uvde ;)

this game is really fun and enjoyable

Loved the theme, the voice acting, the attitude of the Frank Beaumont! Strong Broken Sword vibes <3<3

While is works perfectly as a little short story, is also something worth expanding, if you ask me! Thanks ^_^

Thanks for your feedbacks ! and yes we plan to create a full game, I will create a Discord server soon ;P

Join our discord server if you want to know more about the future of Sakhalin Station ;)

what do i do when i get to the that satellite thing at the top i am stuck

Thanks for trying out the game ! You need electricity running, and you need some batteries. Check out the drill room, but you gonna need to find the keypass ;)

Awesome art style and fun game took a minute to figure the code out, but it made sense when I realized what it was!

I can't get past the 6 digit code panel. theres no hints, no nothing 

hehe, there are clues. maybe its the scientist to setup the code, so if you were him, what is the code you would use? 

no seriously, I tried more than 60 combinations but none of them worked

Thank you for taking the time to try our game.

Little tip (don't read if you don't want "spoilers"):
we left only one screen where you can see numbers and from there hopefully extract the six digit code.

... I finally got the code but, I don't think the people playing this will get the code so easily. its really difficult 

hum.. thanks for your feedbacks... this game is in the Point & click adventure style, which often has way more difficult puzzle to solve. Games such as Myst. If it's too easy, it's less rewarding. I tried to make a very good design for the Drill room past the keycode, because I knew it was a bit difficult. Some of my friends got stuck on the keycode but after a while they came back to the game and when they found the answer they really feel good ;) What do you think? I was thinking to enable "hints" in the gme if the player is stuck, to give some help, kind of "easy" mode so to speak.

where? i couldn't find anything

Hint: inside a room you have to break the door to enter.

i tried all of the numbers that I could see/read inside of the bunks. Is it the stuff that is fading away? if so, i was unable to read it. 

check at the bottom of the screen, need to read, there are some numbers ;p


Interesting game. It is promising. But, maybe is on me, puzzles kinda took away this feeling of horror. Puzzles are ok, but too many too soon. just my thoughts. I hope to see more from you in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is my video: